Lemon Cranberry Pound Cake

Tastable Insatiable

Growing up, my grandmother made the absolute best pound cake. No matter where I went or who made the cake, it never even came close to how good my grandmother’s was. Because I was scared of her pound cake standard, I always stayed away from making it. Eventually I got the courage to try making it myself. After trying numerous recipes, I finally found one that came extremely close to hers. After tweaking it with extra almond and vanilla, I finally had the pound cake that reminded me of home.

I continued to play with the recipe and created wondering flavor combinations. One of my favorites is this lemon pound cake with cranberries. A lot of cranberry loaf recipes use fresh cranberries in their batter. Because I couldn’t find any at the time I just rehydrated some sweetened dried cranberries. It worked perfectly.

The cake came out buttery and golden…

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